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How can add notes to a feature in a part

Question asked by Stephen Donelson on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Zach Palomo

Short version: I want to add a note to a sketch, feature or part, so that it can easily be pulled up in the drawing without having to retype it.


I'm making production drawings of structural columns, with a variety of base plates and top plates.  I've made a "master" assembly and drawing with the most common parts, that I can swap in and out with configurations; this master can then be copied into a separate folder for each job (yes, this is thankfully in PDM).  I want to set up the drawing with all the views and as much info as possible, so that I dont have to enter in every detail for every job.  We're making over 100 of these every week, so I'm trying to set up the master file to reduce the time for each job down the road.  I'm also trying to simplify this as much as possible, so that I can hand the task off to a future hire, who will likely be a rookie.


Ive set up the dimension on the parts, so that I can use the Model Items option to pull the dimensions in faster; I want this to be able to also pull in notes.  Such as I swap out the plate in the model, and go to the drawing, hit Model Items, it pulls in the overall and hole dimensions, but also the note with the engineer's material specs.  I know I could put this in a BOM, but I'm being asked to make it a note, and I don't want to type out these 3-4 notes every job.