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Does imported dimxpert dimension use origin feature from model?

Question asked by Matthew Pride on Oct 5, 2018

2018 SolidWorks - DimXpert Value PropertyManager

As I am working my way through adding 3D annotation (dimxpert) elements on my models and importing of dimxpert dimension into 2D, I was trying to figure out if the dim origin feature would imported into the drawing. I thought the origin feature reference would transfer over when making a drawing and importing the dimxpert dimensions to the view, but it has not. If the sequence is there in the model, not sure why it doesn't import into the drawing. I know I can after the fact change the arrow head to the origin symbol, but it would help cut time if it was already that way when imported into the view from the dimxpert dimensions of the model. If anyone has more insight into this it would greatly help.


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SW2018 sp4