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I cannot see any mapped network drives in SW explorer

Question asked by Billy Plummer on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Rob Adair

I am on an SAE Engineering Racing team and we share a network drive where we store all of our files. I figure I must have some sort of permission issue with SW2017 that I am running on my Windows 10 machine. What I cannot do is this:

- When I navigate to any part/assembly/drawing file saved locally OR on the team network drive, I cannot open it by clicking on it (but I can open any other kind of non-SW file this way, as usual). It simply will not open, no messages or anything.

- When I do want to open one of these such SW files I have to open SW and use the file explorer within the 'open' option, to navigate to the file and open it that way. Then, there is the issue that I cannot see any of the network drives I have mapped to my PC in the file explorer when I do this. Because of the aforementioned issue, I then cannot open any SW file that is stored on the network drive, I have to download them to my local storage and open them with the file explorer - you can imagine the issues this causes!


Nobody else on the team has these access issues. They are able to see the network drive when they go to open files from within SW, and they can open SW files just by clicking on their icon wherever they are stored.

I have tried:

- unmapping and remapping the network drive multiple times

- trying to open files with the windows 'open with' option, explicitly choosing SW2017 to do this (to no avail)


I don't know anything about servers, how to change permissions or really any higher level application administration stuff, so explicit instructions for a fix would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.