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DWG & Edrawings

Question asked by Lee Henderson on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by Lee Henderson

Hello hoping for some help.


I'm trying to open a DWG in Solidworks with little success. I've tried re-saving the DWG in numerous different versions but get the same result. I work my way through the various settings on the Solidworks importer (of which I've tried numerous combinations). The file previews however when it gets to the point of opening in Solidworks I get a blank screen or only a couple of random lines coming through.


Occasionally a file will open however I can't figure out why some work but the vast majority don't, there doesn't seem to be any "rhyme nor reason to it". I thought I would try and open the DWG in eDrawings, save in the eDrawings format and open in Solidworks (which I thought would be a simple operation) however I get the message "the following file names entered were invalid, not found, locked or of an incompatible file type". I've not had much/any experience of eDrawings however as they are made by the same company I wasn't expecting any issues importing into Solidworks.


Anyone have any tips on either opening DWG files in Solidworks or my issue with eDrawings?