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Two issues with CommonNotes Macro: run-time error, note formatting

Question asked by Lillian Johnson on Oct 5, 2018

Hi!  So I am using a modified version of the CommonNotes macro from Lenny to standardize the notes on our drawings. I have customized the macro to what I want and have used it successfully but I have two issues that I need help with. First, I always get the same error if I try to reorder the notes:

Any ideas what I can do to fix this? I mean I could always put the notes in the correct order but that kind of defeats the purpose of having those buttons. My second issue is more a question than anything. When notes are inserted into the drawing, they have numbering but the numbers are basically typed in manually, it does not utilize SolidWorks' built in note numbering feature. This isn't a huge issue but it would be nice as it would keep the notes even more consistent between drawings. Is there a way to modify the code to use that built in numbering format?


Attached is zip file of the macro!