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    Saving assembly as STEP creates over 35 duplicates

    Max Van Alphen

      Dear people,


      I am working with SolidWorks 2015. I am not actively contructing in SolidWorks myself but I work with files desigend by an engineer. Currently I cannot reach him and therefore post my question here. I know a few basics of SolidWorks, but I am far from an expert.


      Currently I experience a problem with one of my assemblies.

      When I save the assembly to a STEP file it duplicates the complete assembly over 30 times. While other components build by the same engineer work just fine.

      If I click on the seperate components it looks like every component is put into a new assembly, instead of being put together into one assembly.


      Would anyone have any idea on where the error could be?

      Thank you very much in advance!