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How to remove faces in holes and fillet parts after importing in STL file

Question asked by Amitoj Battu on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by Tom Gagnon

Made an STL file in Fusion360 and now tried importing it in Solidworks.

The first image shows how it was imported, with all the faces on all surfaces.

After using FeatureWorks -> Recognize Features in Automatic Mode, I get what is shown in 2nd picture.


Now the problem here is, I cannot remove the faces in the holes and where the fillet is. I've tried selecting all faces and recognizing them as fillet in FeatureWorks, that didn't work, Tried deleting all faces and knitting the patch back, that didn't work.

Any way I can make it look without faces as shown in the third picture?

Thanks a lot.    =D