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Mathematically modifying custom properties

Question asked by 1-IFQW64 on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Josh Brady
My boss wants me to modify our company's titleblock to have a "Quantity per assembly" field and a "total quantity for the job" field (in the frequent case that we build more than one of an assembly). These fields have to be on the part drawing, which is why I posted it in this category.

It would be ideal if SW could get this information from the top-level assembly drawing and link it back to the parts, but I see no way of doing this. I figure the only way to do this is by having the "quantity per assembly" field manually filled out, then fill out some multiplier value through Task Scheduler to tell it how many builds there are for the project and use SW to multiply the two custom properties together to get what I'm after.

When I add a custom property, it gives me the option of what type of property it is (Text, Number, etc). I figure that there must be a way to manipulate the numbers but SW help isn't too helpful in this instance and I can't find anything on the forums for this. Any help would be appreciated.