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Nvidia Shield Controller

Question asked by Martin L. on Oct 4, 2018

Hi All


I'm curious in how to model using this technique in creating a low poly model design. I've tried out several techniques in a personal project, yet now real results yet.


The best result yet is to use two software’s: Creating a "Form" in Fusion 360, to then convert it to a Mesh. Next lowering the amount of polygons, to finally use the function "Base Feature", to be able to convert the Mesh to a BRep turning the Mesh into a Fusion 360 surface. After all that, turning into SW to convert all triangles into individual surface planes (having import problems with gaps between lines that was not able to be fixed using Import Diagnostics). Then using surface-knite and use a body-move command to create an even distributed distance between top and button. And to finish it up, using Surface loft, creating sides, to finish it up using surface-knite to create a solid body..


ALL that work for creating what's shown in the image below, and having limited control over the position and amount of polygons. How would engineers create the structure of that Nvidia Shield Controller?