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    How do you fillet an extruded cane?

    Trenton Allen

      I'm trying to make parts that are simple, but unique (as far as I know). I successfully filleted similar pieces, but the software just says to check the dimensions every time I try with this one. any advice?


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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  I'm afraid I have no idea what you're trying to do with this Part when getting the error message, but usually when you get that particular message it's because the value you've entered won't work with the existing geometry.  Can you please explain further?


          And by the way, you said you're trying to make Parts that are simple.  I commend you for that.  I like simple.  However, in the file you posted you could have created a single body, applied fillets to it as needed, and then created the rest with Linear Patterns and Mirrors.  Much simpler.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Are you looking to make something like this? If yes then use simple sweep command with circular profile option.


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              Scott Baugh

              Both Glenn and Deepak are correct a Sweep is probably what you need to use and then use linear pattern and Mirror to match your layout. But to add a fillet to make these round I selected inside radius of all 4 corners and the inside legs (see red arrows) at .060" Radius and it worked. However, because of the width, there is a small sliver of flat on the top and bottom.