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API Insert baloon, calculate weight, put row in a table. What do you thing ?

Question asked by Grzegorz Janisz on Oct 4, 2018



How are you doing? I hope you're having great time att work.

Few weeks ago I created macro/api that takes dimension from drawing, put baloon and writes row in table (this table is specially created for company that I work for). The goal was not to write and calculate it by hand everytime. It's my one of my first API.

Here on this forum a lot of you are very experienced users that works with API every day. I attach my API so maybe someone will find it usefull. Maybe some of you have some ideas how can I improve it? Maybe you can commanet what is wrong and how schould I do that instead?

We all learn all the time something new so I will be gretefull for all your comments and advices.


Shortly how doeas that work:

1. Mark dimension, line or text with lenght on drawing

2. Go to solidworks and press F5 in "BOM_Creator1" module.


I've forgotten to mention that it's for DraftSight


Have a nice day!