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lofting advice (surface Vs solid)

Question asked by Will Griffiths on Oct 3, 2018
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I’m really struggling with a lofted part I am designing and am hoping someone can help…..the method I have used to build it thus far is rather messy owing to endless fiddling to get things to work – see attached - I'm learning.


The part will eventually be modelled in Flow Simulation and I have had problems with an earlier version not working that I put down to using the Surfacing feature. For this reason, the part has been modelled via solid lofts, this may have been a mistake.


My specific question is why am I getting the message: “Cannot make two planar end faces to cap the side sheet” when attempting to get the loft named “Loft 11 – Problem Loft” to use the 3D Sketch named “3D Sketch – Cannot Follow”.


Hopefully it’s clear what I’m trying to do, it’s just the answer and experience are alluding me…. Any advice on better ways to draw the part from scratch and solving this problem greatly appreciated!