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    Narrowing my selection on computer...

    Kevin Andrews

      Getting down to the bottom of the list for my new computer. I have ascertained quotes from BOXX, Solidbox, Orbital Computers and Xi. All have spec'd out a 4.7 turbo or 5.0 GHz i7 chipset and I have requested the NVidia P4000 video card. All systems run 32 GB ram. Two of them spec out water/liquid cooled, the other two do not directly specify.

      My question is, which setup would be the best for small/medium-sized assemblies with lots of parts and rendering as well?


      Does water/liquid cooling give any advantage for this application?

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          Frederick Law

          I'll stay away from watercool system.  Just for the fact that you'll need to refill the system from time to time.

          Otherwise as long as the system get enough cooling, it will be good.

          Unless you'll be overclocking the system.

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            Jeff Mowry

            In my experience, the balance between how much time you spend modeling (want highest available clock speed) vs. how much time you spend rendering (want highest overall GHz multiple, such as 8 cores/threads x 4.7GHz per core/thread = 37.6 GHz overall---assuming you're not using GPU-based rendering engines)  will determine your answer.


            Since I do a fair amount of each, I put together a system that has 8 cores/threads at 4.4GHz last year and it does quite well handling renderings in PV360 considering my budget, while still having a relatively high clock speed for the single core/thread that handles basic modeling in SolidWorks.  That was the last time I could find hardware that could feasibly stick with Windows 7 Pro.  Hope Windows 10 doesn't suck as badly by the time I'm forced to work on it in the unknown future---they're getting better, slowly (still more toy/data-mining than tool).

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              Jeff Mowry

              Not sure it's important in your case, but as Frederic said, you may not need water cooling unless the chip is over-clocked.  I put large fans in my system (much less noisy) that move a lot of air easily.  Happens to be in a giant case that's made for water-cooling radiators.  Also use Asus motherboard software to tune/control the fans, so they're not spinning maxed out all the time (unless I'm rendering---then I have a space heater).  Keeps things cool, quiet, and simple.

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                Paul Salvador

                Kevin.. you most likely will be fine but you should run some thermal test, imho.

                although, h2o systems today are pretty good,... it's a good way to go if you are concerned with maxing the clock speed and you have some size/volume limits with your case, heat sink , air flow,..   and gold fish (had to add that.. )

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Depending on the Computer, water cooling can make a huge difference in performance, I was using a water cooled computer back between 2004 and 2007 and that upgrade was huge...  The graphics card overheated and crashed the computer...