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Linear Pattern - Up to reference +1 instance

Question asked by Ben Ben on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Ben Ben

Hopefully I can explain this as simple as possible.


I need to "Linear Pattern" some holes on a sheet metal part. This sheet metal part has many configurations all with differing length and width.


Is there a way to "Linear Pattern" Up to reference, but then add one more instance?

I need the pattern to go past the reference.




Now I know I can do it by changing to "Spacing and instances" but as the sheet metal part has many configurations, I would like it to update automatically when i choose a different configuration.

Also when i click the button circled below it adds one extra instance.




Example: config 1 the sheet is 300mm wide and the pattern goes 1 instance past reference edge.

now i choose config 2, its 600mm wide and the pattern now has twice as many instances and still goes 1 instance past reference edge.

BTW, i will use a formula generated from the hole drawing to nominate the correct spacing. (maybe i could use a formula to generate the Instances also)