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Save file under the next free number in folder

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2018 by Barbara Jerin

Hi there,


Would it be possible to make a macro that would open the "Save As" dialog box with a preset name that would match the next free number in a folder.


For example:

I have a folder with this files:

- 18012-0001.sldasm

- 18012-0001.slddrw

- 18012-0002.sldprt

- 18012-0002.slddrw

- 18012-Bolt M20x20 DIN 912.sldprt


When I create a new part or assembly I want to have the preset name in the Save As dialog box already set to 18012-0003. But when I am saving a drawing, the macro must act just like a normal Save As, because the number of the drawing is already populated with the number of the model from which it gets created.


I would then use this macro instead of the common Save As.


If this kind of macro is possible, any help and suggestions will be appreciated.