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    Save file under the next free number in folder

    Barbara Jerin

      Hi there,


      Would it be possible to make a macro that would open the "Save As" dialog box with a preset name that would match the next free number in a folder.


      For example:

      I have a folder with this files:

      - 18012-0001.sldasm

      - 18012-0001.slddrw

      - 18012-0002.sldprt

      - 18012-0002.slddrw

      - 18012-Bolt M20x20 DIN 912.sldprt


      When I create a new part or assembly I want to have the preset name in the Save As dialog box already set to 18012-0003. But when I am saving a drawing, the macro must act just like a normal Save As, because the number of the drawing is already populated with the number of the model from which it gets created.


      I would then use this macro instead of the common Save As.


      If this kind of macro is possible, any help and suggestions will be appreciated.