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Why do the tabs in data cards store different information?

Question asked by David Paribello on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by Dan Essink

I recently added 15-20 new purchased parts into PDM and entered the details for the vendor and PN.  I'm not trying to update my BOM and upon going in to the data card(s) I noticed that all vendor/PN information I added for each part added was missing.  This caused a bit of an issue since I had to pull a "needle out of a haystack" when specing the parts from the OEM - it's not that easy to go back and find the exact part I am using.  I tried to relocate said information and re-entered it into the PDM.  **Lesson learned: manually keep better track of spec'd parts**


I just learned that the data cards store different information in each of the tabs - one has my original PNs, vendors, and description and the other has the newly found PNs based on me updating the data card (because I didn't find the exact same part - "needle in the haystack").  This is rather annoying! 


Why does it do this and how can this be prevented in the future such that BOTH tabs contain the exact same information and that I only need to enter it in once?  Is there some kind of benefit to having two different tabs/sets of data for a single part?