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Possible to rebuild more than one configuration at a time?

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Rob Edwards

Good Afternoon Folks


My VAR couldn't help with this, they said it's not possible..  just seems very strange to me and I was wondering if anyone has a solution/work-a-round


I have a very simple example that illustrates the issue.


I have an assembly with a simple sketch - just a construction line (Pink)

I then have a part containing a sketch of a single line.

One end of the line is coincident with the origin and the other end is coincident to an end of the pink line.

There are two configurations of the part so I am coincident to both ends of the construction line.

Here <1>config-1 is the 12 o'clock position and <2>config-2 is nearly at 3 o'clock.


So here's my issue..

If I move the assembly sketch like this (adjusting <1> end)

<1> updates perfectly but <2> requires a rebuild.


If I move the same part <1> again everything is perfect (both rebuild)



Now if I move the end of the line that would update <2> we get problems

but if I move <2> again it's all cushty


I get similar results when alternating the ends moved.

Basically <2> doesn't get rebuilt unless it already needs rebuilding

My guess is that it is because there is only one Update Holder.

The VAR told me that SW starts rebuilding at the Top and then just stops after looking at <1>  I don't understand why?



Ideas anyone?  If this worked it would be exceedingly useful.

CTRL-Q will fix this, but I'm never happy modelling such that a forced rebuild is necessary.


I would be delighted even if someone could just explain the rebuild process as to why this doesn't work


Anyway, All the best


2016 attached