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Internal error. Number of element nodes is (doesn't matter, it's too large)

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Oct 3, 2018
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Is this a known problem?  I've an assembly model that has a mix of solid and sheet metal parts.  I've been successfully running the model without problems, and getting good results.

I changed the thickness of one sheet metal part to evaluate a high stress location.   When I changed it back to the original thickness, my contacts, which had been "no penetration" stopped working, and became bonded.  Nothing I could do would change this, including deleting all contacts and loads, and reapplying.


I started stripping the assembly back and rerunning, to try and figure out where the problem was.


I began getting an error: "Internal error. Number of element nodes is greater than maximum allowed.  Element Number ="    It didn't matter how far back I stripped the assembly, I still got that error.  I finally stripped it back to a single part, and was able to run an analysis.  Anything more than this, and I got the error.


I've noticed in the past that when you make analysis changes, that Simulation has a hard time "forgetting" what was there before.  Is there a way to strip all of the Simulation information from an assembly, so I can start over without creating a brand new assembly?   I had to do a new assembly already last week, and the new has worn off the situation.