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Unable to Authenticate - Unable to connect to costumer portal

Question asked by Frederik Herløw on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Tony Tieuli

Hello, all you clever SW users.

I have a small connection problem.

For the past month, i havent been able to connect to the customer portal.

I can enter , but when i click my name in the top right corner and try to enter the customer portal, i get this error message :error-customerportal.JPG

If i press "Cancel" on the first error page, i get redirected to this one



"Unable to authenticate. (SOAP fault: Artifact resolution failed at IDP-esp-FE4E5EFA43B5043D)"


I've been experiencing this error on the customer portal for 1 month approximately.

I use Google Chrome (ofcourse).

I have reset my cookies and reinstalled Chrome also.

Maybe its a problem on my side, I really dont know.

Has anyone experienced this before, and have some tips to fix it?

Any help is appreciated! I will try (almost) everything to fix it.


Best Regards, Newbie Frederik