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One Arch to Rule them All!

Discussion created by Rob Edwards on Oct 2, 2018
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Hi All


I've had quite a fun day today, working on a pet project.


We make a lot of arch top doors,,, and there are sooo many kinds of arches.  My goal was to make a master part that could be used to encompass them all.


Here I have 5 examples

a straight line

a line with arc

a single arc

two arcs

a conic



Each of the sketches is driven by the same dimensions

I extruded them as surfaces and spread them out

before joining them together and fit splining

then repositioning (by config) and trimming


All this, just to get a single sketch segment!

but fingers x'd it seems to work.


I can even have a different type of arch on the left and right.


The idea is to use these as Skeleton Parts for our various designs.


Sharing for two reasons.  1 because I think it's pretty cool, but 2 maybe someone has a better idea...

I think these splines may give me some bother!