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Help files still need lots of work it seems

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Peter De Vlieger

An example.


For the first time ever I needed to do something with an equation that was giving me grief in an config. Reason being that what is wanted isn't something that was originally intended.

So I noticed that one can not only delete equations but also disable them. GREAT ! That will come in handy for the problem at hand.


Let's look in the help file to learn more about it

After telling you that to disable you have to click disable and to enable you have to swith to ordered view and click enable it also mentions...

Whoa, I can put it in a designtable to do that, even better. Any detail about how to specify that unique identifier however is lacking. I guess they thought it being so straight forward that it didn't need further clarification.


Don't fret; there's a link provided to learn more about it in the Knowledge base.

Let's cut them some slack and not be a grump about it, just click the link and all will be revealed in glorious detail :