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Unable to link data card to drawing

Question asked by Sagar Patil on Oct 2, 2018
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I am having a issue where the drawing sheet does not link to the data card. I am using configuration specific properties to link the property name. I have made a sldprt data card and it works without any issues but not the slddrw. What could be the issue?


Image 1 - Property Table. Each Configuration has a specific name. (please ignore any other property name)


  Image 1.PNG

Image 2 - Drawign Sheet. I have linked to $PRPSHEET:"Description" to the text box. (I also tried $PRPSHEET:{Description})



Image 3 - Summary Information in the drawing sheet. I have tired $PRPSHEET:"Description" and $PRPSHEET:{Description} (please ignore any other property name)


Image 3.png


Image 4 - Variables set (same variables for the sldprt)


Image 4.png


Image 5 - Drawing Card


Image 5.PNG


Image 6 - What it shows in the pdm vault. The variables works for sldprt but not the slddrw.


image 6.png


I am not exactly sure why this is not working. In PDM, I have set unchecked the @ configuration and checked the set focus to  active configuration.


Sorry if this is confusing, I tired by best to explain.


Thanks for reading.