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Show threads as a single line on a drawing

Question asked by Tim Treybal on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

Many of our drawings are also used in parts manuals, exploded views, etc.

But, showing bolts and nuts with threads are so dark on the prints.  I typically create a simplified config for threading with rotated cut extrudes every 1/4" (varies) but it still shows up as 2 solid circles at each cut.  Then I hide one of each of these & turn the other into a .006 line weight as well as the bolt head detail lines.  Very time consuming but looks great on the print.

I do not want to just suppress the threads on the default config.

Is there any way to do the preferred way only simpler & faster?  I'm talking about multiple fasteners on a single print.


defaultsimplified config preferred view


This is a sketch of the rotated cut, arrayed pattern as needed.






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