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    On a drawing, is there a parameter that reads the default part/assy title description instead of the configuration description

    Brian Stoddard

      On my drawing format, for title description, I have it set to $PRPSHEET:{DESCRIPTION} which most would.  However, if working with a part/assembly with multiple configurations, the description changes based on what configuration is active on the drawing.   Is there a parameter that only pulls the description from the Default configuration of the part/assembly?


      For example, in the picture below, I have an assembly with multiple configurations on it.  Each is obviously named differently.  I want the description on the drawing to read ROD ASSEMBLY (which the default configuration would be called), without the SMALL designation.  I don’t want a column showing the default.


      I know I can use the Tab Builder to add a Title Description to my Custom Properties but that text would have be inputted independently for every drawing.  I’m worried if the part/assembly name changes, someone would forget to change the drawing name.


      Running SW 2017

      Currently not using any PDM yet