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    Would someone care to critique this simulation?

    Michael Carlson

      I am a long time SW user but now trying to improve my work with FEA.  This is a tensile test simulation using C300 maraging steel in the Rc54 condition.  (solution treated).  I created this model to see if I could get simulation to correctly analyze this material so when I use it in my design I have more confidence.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          Attilio Colangelo

          Michael, a few  comments:


          - The model is set up to compress the bar.  Typically, metals are analyzed for tensile strength.

          - Considering this, I would suggest putting tensile force (instead of displacement) as the load.

          - You made good use of the boundary condition to keep movement axially (z direction) 

          - You should put some mesh refinement where it necks down to 5 mm.  This will be the high stress region and the mesh needs to be relatively finer than the overall part. (right click on the Mesh option)

          - To really get comfortable with FEA I suggest duplicating and analyzing shapes found in "Peterson's stress concentration factors".  This was the stress concentration factor reference prior to FEA.


          Hope that helps.