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Suddenly slow graphics 2016

Question asked by George Maddever on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by George Maddever

I've had an issue crop up on a couple of our workstations this last week where the viewport graphical update has become extremely slow, ranging from 4 frames a second down to about 0.5 frames a second on model move/rotate. This is in SW2016SP5.0, running on Windows 10 machines with mid-level NVIDIA Quadro cards.


It's not been an issue before but has recently popped up on a couple of user workstations. I can't rule out users having inadvertently changed something but I suspect it's a windows/graphics update thing that's happened automatically.


To date I've done the following:

  • Registry re-set
  • Repair Install
  • Run SW in safe mode (no add-ins etc)
  • Run SW in software openGL mode
  • Changed windows power settings to "performance"
  • Changed video card settings to optimal settings.
  • Tried several versions of the graphics card drivers ranging from the older SW certified ones through to latest versions.


Nothing seems to have made an appreciable difference. Even starting a new blank part the update rate is poor, which degrades to pretty much unusable if a large model is loaded in another SW window.


As well as the graphical update, selection times are woefully slow. Right-click on a face and it may take 4-5 seconds for the context menu to pop up. SW generally seems to be running slower on this reasonably new Workstation than it does on my 15-year old computer at home!


Now, the interesting thing I've found is that if I open the a menu dialog (Like tools/options, or File/Open) while the dialog is open, in the background I can spin / move the part/assembly and it moves just like it should, lightning fast at the frame rate it should be doing, which suggests to me it's not a graphics issue, or a computer issue but something in SW itself. The moment the window/dialog is cleared, the poor performance again returns.


Anybody had this kind of issue before? I suspect some kind of setting/switch somewhere is causing issues.


Thanks in advance,