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    Suddenly slow graphics 2016

    George Maddever

      I've had an issue crop up on a couple of our workstations this last week where the viewport graphical update has become extremely slow, ranging from 4 frames a second down to about 0.5 frames a second on model move/rotate. This is in SW2016SP5.0, running on Windows 10 machines with mid-level NVIDIA Quadro cards.


      It's not been an issue before but has recently popped up on a couple of user workstations. I can't rule out users having inadvertently changed something but I suspect it's a windows/graphics update thing that's happened automatically.


      To date I've done the following:

      • Registry re-set
      • Repair Install
      • Run SW in safe mode (no add-ins etc)
      • Run SW in software openGL mode
      • Changed windows power settings to "performance"
      • Changed video card settings to optimal settings.
      • Tried several versions of the graphics card drivers ranging from the older SW certified ones through to latest versions.


      Nothing seems to have made an appreciable difference. Even starting a new blank part the update rate is poor, which degrades to pretty much unusable if a large model is loaded in another SW window.


      As well as the graphical update, selection times are woefully slow. Right-click on a face and it may take 4-5 seconds for the context menu to pop up. SW generally seems to be running slower on this reasonably new Workstation than it does on my 15-year old computer at home!


      Now, the interesting thing I've found is that if I open the a menu dialog (Like tools/options, or File/Open) while the dialog is open, in the background I can spin / move the part/assembly and it moves just like it should, lightning fast at the frame rate it should be doing, which suggests to me it's not a graphics issue, or a computer issue but something in SW itself. The moment the window/dialog is cleared, the poor performance again returns.


      Anybody had this kind of issue before? I suspect some kind of setting/switch somewhere is causing issues.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Paul Salvador

          Hello George,.. (grasping at straws here,.. I think there was some recent post about windows 10 update and some frame rate issues??.)...

          so, your system is confirmed with the quadro running when using SW?.... or, does your system have a on board intel graphics processor and it's running as the primary gpu?... that is, the quadro is secondary to the intel... for so some strange reason / update fubar?

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              George Maddever

              Hi Paul,


              As near as I can tell, the Quadro card is running the graphics side of things. I can select/deselect the "Run in Software openGL mode" in tools-settings, which it probably wouldn't let me do if SW was trying to run via the onboard graphics processor.


              Indeed, in the onboard graphics is not even showing in the device manager so I suspect I may have disabled it in the BOIS when I built the workstation (something I've done to try to avoid any graphics confusion), my (and our other) workstations are done the same way and none of them have the issue.


              It really does seem to be limited to a couple of computers, it's not even maxing out CPU/GPU load, it's just like every 0.25 seconds it's waiting for something like a network page and then holding things up for a couple of seconds. It's exactly the same with selections too, I just haven't got to the bottom of what's causing it.

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              John Frahm

              I too am grasping at straws, but had an experience at a past company using Pro Engineer where the drivers for the installed memory cards where never installed....

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                George Maddever

                Ended up trying to reinstall SolidWorks, had a bunch of errors trying to get it fully uninstalled, I suspect some kind of corruption with some of SW's internal files. Ended up just nuking windows and starting from scratch. It's up and running now as normal. Guess we'll chalk that one up to another SW/Windows clusterfudge!