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Revision set with multiple counters in SW PDM Standard

Question asked by Phillip Booysen on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by Paul Wyndham

Good day,


I am trying to manually set the revision of legacy files and drawings in our first state in the workflow and then transition these files to the released state.

We have major and minor revision components:

Major: Number 00

Minor: Alpha


A typical part can thus have a revision 03D.  This revision is stored in a custom property in each file and linked to a variable and data card in SW PDM Standard.

The plan was to use the set revision command and use the data card variable to update the revision. I am however not able to get the correct revision in the New Revision tab as shown below:


Set revision.PNG

When I right click and select "Set all new revision values to card variable value" I get the warning "A card variable value does not match with any of the revisions present in the list.". When I click OK the first revision in the list is allocated to the file.


How can I get this list to include all the revision numbers possible or at least until 09Z? Below is the state properties revision numbers tab:


Set revision 2.PNG


Any help will be much appreciated.