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    Revision set with multiple counters in SW PDM Standard

    Phillip Booysen

      Good day,


      I am trying to manually set the revision of legacy files and drawings in our first state in the workflow and then transition these files to the released state.

      We have major and minor revision components:

      Major: Number 00

      Minor: Alpha


      A typical part can thus have a revision 03D.  This revision is stored in a custom property in each file and linked to a variable and data card in SW PDM Standard.

      The plan was to use the set revision command and use the data card variable to update the revision. I am however not able to get the correct revision in the New Revision tab as shown below:


      Set revision.PNG

      When I right click and select "Set all new revision values to card variable value" I get the warning "A card variable value does not match with any of the revisions present in the list.". When I click OK the first revision in the list is allocated to the file.


      How can I get this list to include all the revision numbers possible or at least until 09Z? Below is the state properties revision numbers tab:


      Set revision 2.PNG


      Any help will be much appreciated.




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          Paul Wyndham

          In our situation when I have the revision set as follows on the state I get the set revision shown in the second picture.




          So, I am incrementing the primary revision but resetting the secondary and tertiary revisions to their first value.

          In turn the new revision list only shows me the incrementing primary with 00 and A.


          On a different state that only increments the secondary revision and does nothing with the Primary or Tertiary revisions,

          it allows me to set the secondary revision, but there are no options to change the other ones.


          If I setup this state similar to yours I get a similar result where both revisions are incremented the same amount on each line.


          It must not be able to show one incremented by 1 and the next incremented by 2. They are both incremented by 1, 2, 3, 4 ... n the same.

          If none of the revisions are incremented on the state it does not give me an option to change it.


          With the tertiary revision set to increment by 2 I get this selecting.


          This and the fact that the scroll list only show 26 or 27 options both have to be bugs, or enhancement requests waiting to happen.


          You could setup a workflow to fix the revisions but this get excessive.

          On this workflow I have only accounted for a small fraction of our revisions, but it gives you an idea of how frustrating it can get. I have revisions stacked on top of each other in each of the columns.


          Using the Set Revision and Increment Revision transition actions I have it set the revision to match the data card and then sent it back to the state it was in depending on a state data card value.


          On the first transition between the two long states I have a condition selection on revision. Then reset the revision to that revision.



          Then going back to the original state it increments the revision.



          Hope that helps a little.