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    Placing a invisible flag on a dimension?

    Shuhei Kazuma

      To all,


      I am wondering if there is a way to place a some sort of flag on a dimension text. For example, normally we put "<DIM>" here. But I want to place a flag text like "<DIM><FLAG>" to differentiate specific dimensions from others. I want to iterate through dimensions to make some modifications using macro, except for ones with the flags.


      <FLAG> must not be visible on the drawing. It should be only visible by script or when modifying it manually.


      Thank you in advance


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          Josh Brady

          You can use the text "<OBJECT ID=[any text]>"  Note that this is undocumented and may break with any future SW release...


          Just some background, this is the syntax that SW uses to link a note to some other note or object.  So if you create a note and embed a balloon or other object in the note by clicking while editing the note, the actual text that goes into the note is "<OBJECT ID=XXXX>" where "XXXX" is some number that SW generates internally and stores to reference each note or displaydimension.


          If you put this text into a note, unless the object with the ID you've typed exists you'll get the text "#error: broken link".  However, this object embedding simply doesn't work for dimensions, so whatever you type for the ID will simply be ignored.  You can use numbers or letters for the ID, it doesn't matter. 


          Maybe someday in the future, SW will make object embedding possible for dimension text.  If this happens, then all of your drawings will become filled with "#error: broken link"....