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    How to get Hose Length into BOM?

    Tapani Sjoman

      I have an assembly and about 10 hoses in it. I have created hoses with routing and they are saved virtually inside this assembly and these hoses do not have a drawing of their own. Just need a hose type and LENGTH to be seen in the assembly BOM.


      Hose type comes by a custom property and I know that the length is there (I can see it in a hose assembly in a route part folder) but how can I get it in BOM? Do I have to manually create a custom property for that and copy the length value there? And if I modify the hose, then must remember to update it?


      Please give me a better solution! Or how do you do it?

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          Vladimir Urazhdin

          Try to use Equation Manager to calculate hose length:



          Then link Global Variable (hose length) to Custom Property "LENGTH" and set parameter QTY to LENGTH :


          Now BOM looks like:


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              Marco Pocoroba

              Thanks for this response. I hope to use this method to detail "Hose Length" for our assemblies. I am using flexible tubes to create the "Hoses".


              I tried this method but I am having difficulties getting the equation manager to calculate total length of the tube or 3D sketch path of the sweep.


              After I enter "L" into the GLobal Variable column, how do I get the total length into the "Evaluates To" column?

              T.I.A. for your input

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              Scott Stuart

              Here's the method we use at my company.


              Model a visual representation of the hose as it will be installed. Make it as fancy as you want with whatever method you want. Make this model virtual, saved inside the assembly and not as a separate file. Use this model to figure the length you need. Exclude this model from the BOM, but leave it visible.


              To get the BOM to show the proper quantity, make a separate model of the actual part number of the hose. Save this to the network for others to reuse. This would be a simple straight section one unit long (feet, inches, meters, however you buy it). Insert this into your assembly and pattern it the appropriate number of times (length of the visual representation, rounded up to the next whole number). Hide the seed component and the patterned components.


              We like this method better than the custom property method because this seems more intuitive and less of a workaround. Treating the hose like a standard item with a standard quantity count is just less confusing to most users.


              This doesn't give the exact length on the BOM, but this isn't a problem for us since the assembly guys typically like to have a little extra and trim to fit during installation.

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                Tapani Sjoman

                Thank you very much for good solutions!


                I like most the idea of Vladimir Urazhdinto set BOM quantity to a property item. Then I update the Length manually or automate it. Equations are handy, but a bit complicated way to do it. Should keep it simple while we have several users working with SW models and we have different backgrounds and levels of experience.