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Having problems generating flow trajectories for end plate design

Question asked by Barry Dinvaut on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Bill McEachern

Hi guys,

As the title states I'm having problems generating flow trajectories for my end plate design. Earlier versions of the end plate did not give me any problems, however, I've modified them and increased their complexity. Now, whenever I try to include their surfaces in generating the flow trajectories Solidworks either refuses or just plain crashes on me. This is an awful shame because I am specifically trying to analyze the new area I have added to them. If I just select the airfoil surfaces then I am fine. It is only when I go to select the endplates that I get fubared. I have attached a picture to help explain with the new part boxed in red. Thanks in advance for any help. Much much appreciated.