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    Can you visit Solidworks' headquarters in Waltham MA?

    Jody Smith

      I will be in Newton this week (10/2-10/5) for a conference, and was wondering if Solidworks Corporate Headquarters will take visitors and/or if they have some type of mechanism set up for this? Or is it just a bunch of offices? Do they have tours or anything like that? Some type of interactive labs or something? If anyone has any knowledge on the subject I would appreciate it. I'll only be about 10 minutes away from there, and as a Solidworks user since 2001 I would hate to miss the chance for a peek "behind the curtain"!

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          J. Mather

          As you progress around the main entrance circle ellipse to parking - at the far end SolidWorks has a "Maker Space/Fab Lab" that I think is open to drop-in visitors.  (Not sure if you can make left to parking or if you have to go around the ellipse.)

          It is also open to public at least one night a week as a maker space.


          DSS Fab Lab.PNG

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            John Stoltzfus

            Jody Smith -


            Tagging Richard Doyle & Rachel York, you could also send them a PM.  If you do stop in let us know how it went... 

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                Jody Smith

                Thanks John. I will send Richard and Rachel both a message.

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                    Aaron Torberg

                    When we were switching to SolidWorks we got a short tour of their campus, but we were ready to dole out lots of $ to switch to their software, that may have been the only reason we got a tour.  They have an awesome cafeteria (we had lunch there), and I remember showing up and immediately having to relieve myself of some coffee I drank on the 2hr. car ride down there.  I received a visitor badge, and found the "facilities" and while washing my hands a SW employee said "You must be the guys from Lanco, welcome to SolidWorks headquarters!".  And I thought "Wow!  That guy knew we were coming?" and throughout all the meetings that day I never saw him again.  They must have informed everyone of our visit, and this guy took it upon himself to welcome us.  Made me feel very important to them (even though I know I am probably not that important)!  They have a nice place for sure, I wish I lived closer...

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                  Chin-loo Lama

                  Hi Jody,

                  Hope we didn't dissipation when you visited. It was good to have the chance to greet you in person and walk you around our campus. I know it was short, but really hoped you enjoyed it.


                  For others who are checking this thread out for guidance. I wanted to provide the formal process that you should follow if you would like to visit the DS campus in Waltham MA. The campus is not open to drop-in visits. In fact, we have special Community Open House days where you can sign up and attend. Here is the information from the coordinator:


                  Community Open House events educate guests* about how Dassault Systèmes' world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported.


                  Please register for one of our open houses to see how Dassault Systèmes’ is taking the lead in the social industry environment.


                  On each of the following dates there will be two 1.5 hour sessions; the first will begin promptly at 10:00 AM, the second session at 1:00 PM.

                  • 2018
                    • November 2nd
                    • December 7th
                  • 2019
                    • January 4th
                    • February 1st
                    • March 1st
                    • April 5th
                    • May 3rd


                  Both sessions will follow the same agenda:

                  1. Corporate Overview
                  2. Executive Business Center (EBC) Playground Tour
                  3. Virtual Reality Center
                  4. 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Tour


                  *All guests must be 16 or older and provide a photo ID upon arrival. Guests ages 16 – 17 will require a consent from signed by parent/guardian, which will be sent when registration is confirmed.


                  Space is limited; please click here to complete the registration form.  Guest will be notified of their status.