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    Failed simulation - why?

    Daniel Gnyla

      Hey guys, I have following problem: I make structural analysis for an assembly but it fails after some time and following message is being displayed:  "Iterative solver stopped. The solver has numerical problems. The devices may not be adequate for the model. No results saved." 

      What I do is a plate with some holder (2 parts, 1 fixed, the other one in fixed relations to the 1). Applied load: pressure and balanced forces (if only calculation is correct). Mesh: curvature based with l max = 2.0mm.

      Any idea why it could appear? Thanks in advance!

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          J. Mather

          Attach assembly here.

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            James Riddell

            Can you add some screen shots? 

            When you say 'fixed' do you mean the boundary condition of the one part?

            Are the parts touching & bonded or are there any gaps or sliver edges?

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              Arvind Krishnan

              Hello Daniel,


              In a Linear Static Analysis, all parts in the assembly need to be adequately restrained in all 3 directions so that forces can generate stresses. In your model, something may not be properly restrained. Follow these steps


              1. Right Click the name of the study --> Properties --> Check the 'Soft Springs to stabilize model'. Also check the 'Automatic Solver Selection' box


              2. Run the study again


              3. You will get a warning about large displacement --> Hit No.


              4. Check Displacement plot and see which part is flying off in space


              It is a possibility that there was a gap between that component and another adjacent one that is restrained. In this case, create a Contact Set to bond the two and run the study again.


              Let me know if this helps

              Arvind Krishnan