Josh Freed

Solidworks 2019 DVD media not being sent as standard practice

Discussion created by Josh Freed on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by David Mandl
  • Solidworks recently sent out an email notice that they would not be supplying DVD media for subscription customers automatically for SW2019. If you wanted media, you could request it by clicking the link and filling out the request form. Since every time I install a patch or need to make an installation repair, Solidworks inevitably asks me to install my original install media discs, I thought I probably ought to get a set of discs. However, the media request form asks for a 32 digit serial number.  I only have a 24 digit serial number, so I clicked on the "if you're having trouble and need help, click here" button and sent an explanation of my problem. A few days later, I got a response suggesting that I ought to contact my VAR for help. I guess they could have just had a notice on the original form saying "if your having trouble, contact your VAR", and that would have saved a few days, and another email. But, anyway I contacted my VAR, and they told me that "yeah, Solidworks only has 24 digit serial numbers, so it's a screw up". "I think they'll send out another email when the get it sorted out". Which is less than an authoritative answer. How the heck did Solidworks even send out the DVD request with the process so broken, then not send a correction and direct me to my VAR, when my VAR hasn't been given a firm explanation of what is happening and how/when it will be resolved? Not impressed with the level of communication and coordination. At least I can be a little more confident that 2019 SP 0 won't completely break my machine?