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Solidworks drawings aren't working at all!!!

Question asked by Rachel Hills on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Matt Peneguy

My company has Solidworks 2018 SP04 (the latest version), and it works great with part modeling and assemblies.  However, it is extremely slow and does not finish loading whenever I try to open an existing part drawing or even make a new drawing.  Oftentimes, the annotations are “exploded” out and part of the drawing is completely blacked out.  It is so slow that it is almost impossible to work with.  It lags/freezes/crashes, etc.


We have tried numerous troubleshooting methods the past couple of days, but nothing has helped.  Our graphics driver is NVIDIA Quadro P1000 (Driver 386.07) and is updated and certified by Solidworks.  Our operating system is Windows 10 x64, and there was an automatic update on 9/11/18 (Update KB4456655).  Due to forums we’ve read, we believe this Windows 10 update may be the issue, however we are not sure... please help!!!


I’m attaching pictures of our results from the Solidworks Rx Diagnostics test and the Solidworks Performance Benchmark test for reference.