Tom Cote

Pack & Go with EPDM

Discussion created by Tom Cote on Mar 6, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2009 by Michael O'Dell
I'm getting close to going live with EPDM. Doing a lot of the final testing and procedures as required. I noticed that if I use the Pack & Go feature inside of SolidWorks that I can put the assembly and all the part models in a folder on my desktop with the added prefix or suffix in the new folder. The problems begin when I open the "New" assembly with the added prefix.
1st The file is read only even though it was never checked into the vault.
2nd All the parts in the assembly are still looking at the original files not the new ones with the added prefix or suffix.

this is the same for 2008 SP4.0 or 2009 SP2.0

Is this something that I have setup wrong or a bug?