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    Is there a way to re-trigger or resend stuck emails

    James Lee

      Hi Guys,


      My PDM Server SMTP got blocked and could not send workflow approval emails but it has been resolved. However I need to re-trigger or resend those stuck emails to respective users. I am using the "send mail" function in the transition action to send emails. Is there a way to do it?

      Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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          Martin Solem


          This is a very simple mail system with little protection against errors.

          If PDM can't communicate with the SMTP server, the unsent mails will be in the table dbo.DocumentActionInfo, and they will be automatically sent when connection is restored.

          If the SMTP server was working (receiving from PDM), but couldnt forward to the users, then PDM probably has already sent every message into a "black hole", and everything is gone. There is no tracing or history kept on messages.




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            Prasad Bhonsule

            Hi James, try restarting the Database Server Service.


            Kind regards


            Prasad Bhonsule

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              Tim Webb

              James, restart the Database server. The queued messages will be sent.


              Then have your IT department restart that server weekly.



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                Francisco Guzman

                Hi James,

                Assuming that you have always had SMTP messages set up in your PDM, and if the issue that was preventing the email from being sent was only between the PDM database server service and your SMTP server, then after you have sorted out the block your PDM database server service will start sending emails again at a rate of 100 messages every minute. you may potentially have hundreds of messages pending. you can modify the number of messages per minute (talk to your VAR). as others have suggested, you can also restart the database server service in the event that it was hung. note that when PDM is not able to send a message it will try up to 5 times to send a message. this means that out of your 100 messages, many of them could be duplicates. also note that while you are waiting for a specific message to come through, other messages may be sent first prior to the ones you are wating for. so, it may be working right now. only real way to know if the messages are being sent now or not is if you run the following query against your vault database:


                SELECT * FROM Documenactioninfo


                take note of how many rows are returned - each row corresponds to a message waiting to be sent. wait about 5 minutes or so then run it again. the number should be lower, meaning that messages are being sent. if not, you still have a block somewhere or another type of issue. to troubleshoot further, reach out to your VAR to get help to send a message to your SMTP server using TELNET from your server hosting the database server service. it could be that your PDM server needs to be whitelisted for the SMTP server.


                good luck!