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    solidworks PDM API examples

    Steven Vandermeulen

      We just started using PDM half a year ago. We are now wondering what automations would be possible through the API.


      Can you give idea's examples of things you have running on your systems?

      Automated tasks, list creations, drawing creations, property updates,...


      just to get a glimpse of the possibilities.


      thanks a lot

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          Ulf Stockburger

          Hi Steven


          Because add-ins can only be programmed in C++, C# and VB.NET, I programmed one in C# as a work around for this limitation. The add-in monitors the PDM events, executes additional programs/scripts if required and provides them parameters that can only be read by the add-in when the event is fired. This makes it possible to execute further actions in any language, e.g. VBA, VBS, Autohotkey, etc. After finishing the programs/scripts, the returned ERRORLEVEL is evaluated by the add-in. If an error occurs, the process e.g. in PreEvents can be cancelled. I developed this add-in because I did not want to accept this limitation of programming languages.

          What I want to say, you can solve almost every problem via API. Ask colleagues what improvements they would like to have. I think there will be some suggestions.


          BiI SAP-PDM

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            Scott Stuart

            Statements like "add-ins can only be programmed in C++, C# and VB.NET" are very misleading. PDM has a VBA API so you can do anything you want via macros in SolidWorks or Excel or any other VBA-enabled application. Not everything has to be an add-in.