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Sheet Metal Gauge Tables and Custom Properties

Question asked by Chad Hawkenson on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Kevin Chandler

So here's my question. Is there a way that I can link a note from a table that directly corresponds to the selections made when creating a sheet metal part? If select sheet metal, my table, set my parameters from my table (thickness, radius), would there be a way based on any the selections made to drive information to a custom property? I have a spread sheet for calculating for flats that when I select my sheet metal parameters it will automatically tell me this...(as an example)...

3/16 INCH - 7 GA Stainless Steel 0.268 Bend Radius 1.575" OZU-828 Tooling Dev. Of 0 Per Each Bend


I would like to have this note linked to a custom property so I could pull that property up on a standard sheet metal drawing template calling out the material and tooling for fabrication.


Like I said i have a spread sheet that will calculate flats and call out material information and the desired tooling based on input from the user. I was wondering if I could achieve the same streamline functionality with S.W.