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eccentric hole in gear generate by toolbox

Question asked by Arthur Alves Tasca on Sep 25, 2018

Hey there,


I am trying to do an eccentric hole in a gear generated by the toolbox, like in the attached image.


The issue is that I don't even manage to open the gear in order to edit it in a way I can edit (I am not sure if it is possible at all, for parts generated by the toolbox), as when I try it a receive a message like "The document xyz is available only for reading and it is not accessible for writing. You need writing access to be able to execute it." (poorly translated from Portuguese).


Then, if I do manage to get this permission, am I being able to make what I want? If so, how can I do it? I've already tried to open Solidworks as admin, but there was no such option when I right-click on the shortcut.


Is there any other way for making such a part, besides having to do manually the teeth and setting the simetry?