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SW 2018 SP3.0, extremely slow/useless, accesses newtork for most functions.

Question asked by Daniel Schmidt on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by David Matula

I have SW 2018 SP3.0 installed on a new PC it is useless and extremely slow performance. When I create a sketch or rotate for example SW access the network. I rotate, network activity jumps for a few second, drops to nothing then SW completes command.

I see the same behavior when sketching, select sketch plane, network activity jumps and is sustained (at a very low rate), times out I'm guessing, drops to nothing then SW continues.

Every mouse pick in SW can be seen and recorded on the network activity view graph.

I can pull the network cable and SW behaves itself, plug it cable back in and I see the same BS.


I checked out a license, no add-ins enabled, no sending of data to SW.


Dell 5820, p4000 video card 64GB RAM  on w10. I also have the latest certified video driver installed.