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Problem with virtual parts and EPDM

Question asked by Amy Gilliam on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Alex Burnett

Hi there,


I've been running into an inconsistent bug with assemblies containing virtual parts. When I make the parts in the assemblies virtual, it renames them to "Copy of part #^assembly #", and I go through each virtual part to modify the part # in the custom properties to show only the part number itself, without the number of the assembly. This allows the BOMs on my drawings to appear correctly. However, when I attempt to check the files into EPDM, sometimes the virtual part numbers will randomly revert from the number I input manually to the $PRP:"SW-File Name" it wanted to be originally. The error doesn't happen every time, to make matters even more frustrating, and usually if I check the file back out and edit the part number again it will remember it and properly appear on the drawing.


It's a really weird error and while it's possible to work around it as described above, it's a huge waste of time and very frustrating.


Assembly file and corresponding drawing attached. Again, these files were correct until I uploaded them to EPDM.


Thanks for your help!