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    Problem with virtual parts and EPDM

    Amy Gilliam

      Hi there,


      I've been running into an inconsistent bug with assemblies containing virtual parts. When I make the parts in the assemblies virtual, it renames them to "Copy of part #^assembly #", and I go through each virtual part to modify the part # in the custom properties to show only the part number itself, without the number of the assembly. This allows the BOMs on my drawings to appear correctly. However, when I attempt to check the files into EPDM, sometimes the virtual part numbers will randomly revert from the number I input manually to the $PRP:"SW-File Name" it wanted to be originally. The error doesn't happen every time, to make matters even more frustrating, and usually if I check the file back out and edit the part number again it will remember it and properly appear on the drawing.


      It's a really weird error and while it's possible to work around it as described above, it's a huge waste of time and very frustrating.


      Assembly file and corresponding drawing attached. Again, these files were correct until I uploaded them to EPDM.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Alex Burnett

          From my experience, and I could be recalling incorrectly but bear with me, there is a bug with custom properties when you rename a virtual file.


          If I remember correctly, I would create a virtual component and then add all of the custom properties we require and save everything. Then I saw the "Copy of..." file name and I removed every single one of those so only the numeric file name remained. When I checked it back in, none of the custom properties saved.


          I belive the act of renaming the file wipes out the custom properties but I can't exactly test that right now. My suggestion would be to rename everything first and then mess with the property tables.