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Flat pattern orientation

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Kevin Andrews

OK, this is really bugging me.....

I have created a sheet metal part and am now doing the drawings for it. See detail below:

I want to see the flat pattern with the "point" left and to the bottom (will make sense shortly). When I bring in the flat pattern view from the tree, it is backward. See below:

If I change the properties of the view with the dashed green box (first pic) to show as flat pattern, it looks right (see below):

The top view is what I want. Notice it shows the bend lines but doesn't show the nomenclature...if I tell that view to be "flat pattern" it automatically reverts to the way the bottom looks...


Is there a way to control the flat pattern to be what I want it to be vs. what SW just randomly decides it should be?