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Cutting sheet metal, flat, without using unfold? Or - how to unfold without a fixed face?

Question asked by Jocelyn Erchul on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Jocelyn Erchul

Hey everyone! 


Today I'm attempting to create curved sheet metal panels with cuts throughout. I've done a bit of research beforehand to find that when attempting to keep a cut-extrude you've created in the flat pattern - it's best to instead use the 'unfold' function rather than un-suppressing the flat pattern (because the cut-extrude then disappears).


However, because i'm working with radii, Solidworks refuses to select any face as fixed - but does collect the bends.


Anyone know of a way around this? Another thing I thought of would be a reference geometry plane, but it would need to maintain the same curvature of the panel - which obviously can't exist since it defies the definition of "plane".


I've attached the model I'm currently working with - and if you un-suppress the flat pattern, you can see the cut-extrude started.


Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.