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    Cutting sheet metal, flat, without using unfold? Or - how to unfold without a fixed face?

    Jocelyn Erchul

      Hey everyone! 


      Today I'm attempting to create curved sheet metal panels with cuts throughout. I've done a bit of research beforehand to find that when attempting to keep a cut-extrude you've created in the flat pattern - it's best to instead use the 'unfold' function rather than un-suppressing the flat pattern (because the cut-extrude then disappears).


      However, because i'm working with radii, Solidworks refuses to select any face as fixed - but does collect the bends.


      Anyone know of a way around this? Another thing I thought of would be a reference geometry plane, but it would need to maintain the same curvature of the panel - which obviously can't exist since it defies the definition of "plane".


      I've attached the model I'm currently working with - and if you un-suppress the flat pattern, you can see the cut-extrude started.


      Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.