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What (if any) Administrative Rights Are Required To Install and/or Run SOLIDWORKS

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

Our corporate IT group has decided to remove administrative rights from users (no notice given, nor input requested).  After rebooting this morning, as a test, I attempted to create an admin image for SW 2018 SP4 and was greeted by this:


I'm not surprised by this but I am concerned about how this change may affect everyday use of SOLIDWORKS.  I am finding conflicting information.  For example, this article (updated in July 2018) says that local admin rights are required in order to customize the user interface.  I just tested this by adding a new button to the heads up toolbar and adding a new path for document templates.  I didn't encounter any errors and the changes persisted across a SW restart.


The SW 2018 Installation Guide says that admin rights are needed, but presumably that is for installation only and not operation.  None of the links returned by searching 'administrative rights' in the SW Help had anything to say on the topic.