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Activation Wizard Initialization Error 72 (SW Student Edition 2018)

Question asked by Eatone Cheng on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Yeltsin Ivan Camacho Lam

I downloaded a fresh copy of SW 2018 over my copy of 2017, which was already on my computer. I put in the serial number, and things seemed to run fine the first time around.


Subsequent attempts to open it results in it saying that my code expired (which I don't believe is true), or throws the Wizard 72 error at me. I did a repair installation, which did not fix it.


It then got even worse, when I tried to do a reinstall of the whole thing. I attempted to uninstall SW, but it tossed the Wizard 72 error at me when I opened up the installation program to uninstall SW. I was then prevented from continuing due to the error. So basically, I'm stuck with a broken copy of SW 2018 that I cannot uninstall for some reason. How should I proceed?