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    Solidworks save as 3D PDF keeps crashing

    Shawn Gaul

      I install both Acrobat XI and Acrobat DC(latest version) on my PC. when I choose save a assembly file as a 3D PDF file ,it just keeps crashing .

      Solidworks version 2018 SP3? Have you guys encountered the same issue?

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          Sameer Qureshi

          Hi Shawn,


          One I've seen work for a few people is explicitly running SOLIDWORKS as Admin first (Right Click on SOLIDWORKS Icon > Run As Admin) so the correct privileges to launch Adobe Reader is set. Might be a similar issue for you, especially it the 'View PDF after creating' box is checked in the Save As dialogue box.


          Also may be worth reviewing what 3D PDF settings you have set (accuracy level) and tessellation.


          Try that and see how it goes.