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blown out corner/inverse fillet... How to do this as fast as possible?

Question asked by Roark Summerford on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Deepak Gupta


What is the fastest way possible to "blow out a corner" with a radius... I have a few thousand to cut out in each corner. 

I've been doing it manually... and well it's tiresome... and this latest project I'm working on takes the cake. used to it was a few hundred but this one is big. 


I thought about blocks, but even with that I would have to place it and do at least 2 relations.

right now I'm at


-1:Draw circle Ø.040 coincident arc/vertex to the corner

-2:draw second circle concentric

-3:tangent to rectangle line ab

-4:tangent to rectangle line ad

-5:draw all other circles outside circles (Ø.040)

-6: make outside circles equal

-7:draw all inside concentric circles

-8:make all inside equal/construction line

-7:at least 1 tangent on each concentric inner circle.


API/Macro guys? please tell me I can make a "reverse fillet" button.