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Solidworks PDM Workgroup and Standard

Question asked by David Arndt on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2018 by Tom Cote

Currently using Solidworks 2017 and Workgroup PDM:

My previous place of employment I was able to check out assemblies from the vault and use the "save-all" function to save my changes.

I had the vault setup so that only the files that were changed would be saved regardless of their age. For example any file would not be changed unless I had specifically changed it.  The file did not need to be changed to a newer version from 2016 or previous and therefore would not be changed.


At my new company we are working with the same software but the files all change when I hit "save-all" regardless of whether I changed the file or not.  This is regardless of whether I own the file or not.  When checking in the assembly the Check-In Window now shows all of the files to be changed, but only tries to check the files I have ownership of. How can I make the changes so that Solidworks only changes the files actually changed?  This tends to be a mess when dealing with the explorer section as all files now show as being changed and newer than the vault even though they weren't.


Also, we are going to be changing to PDM Standard soon.  Is this possible something in the setup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.