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    Where is the best place to look for buying a ready-to-go Solidworks workstation that will design/model, simulate AND render photo realistically as well?

    Kevin Andrews

      As the title states, my company has charged me with finding an advanced system to replace the one I am currently running. This really needs to be an "off-the-shelf" unit that I can order without having to build it on my own.

      I know that I want SSD, would prefer to be in the 32GB ram arena and a minimum of 4GB video ram (more would be better). Would also like to be able to go Windows 7 vs. 10 if at all possible.


      I already know Solidbox but I also know there are other places that specialize in CAD computers as well - I just don't know their name or website information.


      Yes, I used the search option but didn't really see what I was looking for. I have looked at Puget Systems (from the search option) and they really like their stuff.


      I know my system is going to be in the $3000+ range. The Puget system is $5400