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    SLDPRT Drawing Template

    Wyatt Trevithick

      Good afternoon all,


      I am updating the drawing templates for my company and would like to streamline our efforts by redesigning the drawing template files. When we produce assemblies, we make one large drawing file with a sheet for each specific part, as seen below.

      My question is: How can I link the annotation box for DWG. NO. to the name of the Individual CAD PART FILE, NOT to the name of the drawing file.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Wyatt Trevithick

          As it stands now when I use $PRPSHEET each part gets named the same as the drawing file, Bends, which is not what I am going for. I would like the annotation box to load the name of the part whose drawing views are on that respective sheet.

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            Alex Burnett

            When linking the custom property to the text box, select the following dialog options.


            After selecting the "Selected component..." option, click the part in a drawing view that you want to use for the custom properties. Then select the property from the drop down as shown below.



            This is showing the assembly file description followed by the part file description.

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                Alex Burnett

                The other option that I realize might work for you is to adjust your sheet format on that specific sheet to reference a different drawing view, instead of the default, to get its custom properties.


                Second, make sure your variables referenced are the $PRPSHEET:"your_variable_here" format.


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                Sergio Monti

                Hi Wyatt,

                I linked the properties on my Sheet Format Template to the model in view on each sheet. The model properties are taken from the model relevant to the first view you insert in the sheet.

                To create the link the first time, you have to create a view. Then edit Sheet Format and add a note linked to property

                The properties of the model appear on the drop-down menu.


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                  Timothy Taby

                  We actually use a custom property in our models to do this since we don't always save the model as an actual part number.  If you want it to be the part file name make a custom property in your part and use $PRP:"SW-File Name"



                  Once you have the custom property in the part file then add it to your drawing formats.